Woahink Lake

Dive Type:  Shore   

Experience Level:  Beginner

Dangers: No dive site is without danger, but Woahink Lake offers a low risk adventure in a calm, fresh water lake. The typical dive area is located in a terminal side channel of the main body of water. You can dive the entire length of channel from under the bridge out to the lake. Google Maps measures the dive area at 180 feet across and 600 feet long. Yeah...pretty big...and calm. There is no current here, just lots of clean, fresh water. The primary dangers of the dive area are the occassional swimmers that jump off the bridge and swim to the small gravel beach nearby. I typically stay near the bottom when under the bridge. Your location beneath the bridge is easily determined when you enter the bridge shadow and see the support columns. If you swim in the channel, be constantly alert for fallen trees that lay beneath the water. Snagging your gear on a dead tree limb may lead to a sudden surge of anxiety...and anxiety is the last thing anyone needs under water. Fortunately, the underwater trees are very easy to see, and lay along the steep banks of the shoreline.

Dive Profile: Woahink Lake is a relaxing dive and great for new divers. Turn off Hwy 101, east onto Canary Road, and almost immediately you are crossing the dive bridge. A large paved pull out is just past the bridge. Park and walk a short distance down a paved driveway to the small gravel beach. A wood picnic bench marks the spot. Slide into the water and head north to the bridge, or south down the channel. The bottom of the channel is probably 25 feet deep. The Woahink dive is known for the variety of objects that divers have placed around the dive site over the years. The infamous Woahink Fish is anchored directly beneath the bridge, just above a wooden boat about 12 feet long. The silver alien artifact to the right (somebody's bowling trophy?) is at the bottom of the channel just before the bridge. There are many, many other items to be found. Another wooden boat is located in the channel bottom closer to the lake. A little yellow submarine is also anchored in the channel. I tried to find the submarine on my July 1, 2016 dive, but had no luck. I trust the sub is still here. The mid-summer water was somewhat hazy with algae, and I may not have ventured far enough south along the channel. Woahink is an awesome adventure for new divers, and for anyone wanting to brush up on their skills. I have to admit, that as a diver with some experience under my belt, and joy for diving the ocean, I have fun diving this spot. There are so many items out here, it's always exciting to find something new... a little treasure hunt of sorts. And...not having to worry about washing saltwater out my gear after the dive also makes this freshwater dive an awesome experience.

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