Wacoma Dock

Dive Type:  Shore

Experience Level:  Beginner

Dangers: Most bay dives should be made during slack tide.  Fortunately the Wacoma Dock is in a well protected position inside the bay.  Do not swim very far north of the pilings and always take a compass bearing before entering.
Dive Profile:  The Wacoma Dock is a wonderful dive.  The Dock and small beach are located in a well protected cove northeast of the marina.  Divers can drive straight up to the site, dawn their gear, and take just a few steps downhill to the beach.  The dive is peaceful with plenty to see.  The rocks, pilings, and eelgrass offer protection to crab, perch, and the occasional small lingcod.  The site is a great place for night diving.  When the sun goes down, Red Rock crab seem to enjoy climbing up the pilings and just hanging out.  Easy pickings for anyone with a bag, a good light, and a taste for crab.

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