Twin Bridges

Dive Type:  Shore        

Experience Level:  Beginner

Dangers: No dive site is without danger, but Twin Bridges offers a low risk adventure in a calm pool of fresh water. The greatest danger, and the most unique of all dive sites, is the moderate threat of river visitors jumping from the bridge above into the dive site below. Just look around for any obvious swimmers, and keep this possibility in mind. The dive pool is a large, and sudden, enlargement of the river. All the water coming downstream comes to an almost sudden stop when it reaches the pool. A small river current exists, but is almost nonexistant. Locals attempt to trap crawdads and catch fish; hooks and fishing line can be found around the dive site. I walked out of my June 25, 2016 dive with a small hook embedded in the rubber boot of my high pressure gauge, 16 inches of monofilament line trailing behind, and a small lead weight attached at the dangling, free end.

Dive Profile: Twin Bridges is a relaxing dive and great for new divers. Turn onto Logsden Road in Siletz and drive 4.6 miles to Twin Bridges park. A small paved parking area sits on the riverbank above the dive location and provides an easy area to stage gear. A paved driveway, 50 feet long, lets you walk from the parking lot directly to the river's edge. The Siletz River is probably just 30 feet across at this location and the dive pool bottoms out at 25 feet. Just walk right in and drop into the hole. The hallmark character of this dive are the crawdads...everywhere. Cruise the rocky bottom of the hole, explore a little downstream, almost at every turn are crawdads. Small fish make their home here, and once in awhile something bigger swims through...quickly. Lots of shade here from both the bridge and large trees along the river. Bring a sack lunch, maybe a blanket, and enjoy a quiet summer day on the park grass after a great freshwater dive.

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