Crab Dock

Dive Type:  Shore

Experience Level:  Beginner

Most bay dives should be made during slack tide.  This is especially true of the crab dock.  The crab dock is not protected very well from the tidal exchange.  Always take a compass bearing before entering the water.
Dive Profile:  The Crab Dock is one of the best shore dives in Newport.  Divers can park within easy walking distance of the dock and travel a concrete path to where the dock begins.  The only difficult part of this dive is the short scramble down a few boulders to reach the beach.  Like most bay dives any attempt to dive should be made when the tide is at slack high or slack low.  Divers can gear up on the beach and wade out to the dock pilings before beginning their dive.  The pilings at the end of the dock hit bottom at about 50 feet and provide excellent shelter for crab, perch, and lingcod.  The bottom also has a rich collection of clam shells and debris dropped from those crabbing high above.  Divers have found common species of wristwatch, wallet, pop bottle, and eating utensil.  In one instance a rare Leatherman tool was plucked from the sand in prime condition.
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