Clear Lake

Dive Type:  Shore or Boat        
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Experience Level:  Beginning

Dangers: Clear Lake is a very relaxing dive. There are no currents, no surge, and the water is flat. However, there are a few important considerations to always keep in mind. The lake sits at 3,000 feet above sea level and is a high attitude dive. The dive limits for nitrogen saturation must be adjusted accordingly. You may be lucky and your dive computer will make the calculations for you. There is also the possibility of your regulator freezing open. The lake is primarily fed by ice cold spring water that keeps the lake in the 40 degree range. Over breathing the regulator or taking nice long drags of air and can produce ice crystals in the second stage valve and prevent it from closing. Air will continue to flow, the ice crystals will grow, and the air will keep on flowing. Plenty of air will be available because the valve is stuck open, but your incredible dive will be cut short as you will likely double time your way back to shore to fix the problem. Finally, keep an eye on your pressure gauge because it is really easy to get side tracked in the beauty of this clear water.

Dive Profile: Clear Lake is a pristine mountain lake tucked away in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, halfway between Eugene and Redmond. The lake covers 148 acres, according to Wikipedia, and is divided into a large open bowl on the north end, and the much larger main lake body on the south. The two large water bodies are connected by a narrow bottleneck. The resort and boat dock are located on a land spur along the narrow section, and easily seen on the map below. Divers typically enter the water along the shore, approximately 300 feet south of the restaurant. There is a small, convenient beach on the north side of the eatery, but divers are discouraged from using this entry point during summer. Entering the lake and heading north will take you along the boat dock and to the Great Blue Pool, the best location for year around crystal clear water. The Pool bottoms out about 50 feet. Entering the lake and heading south will take you to the deeper water of the lake, and to the infamous buried forest. Summer diving in the deeper side can be a little hazy with algae growth, but winter time can open up with almost unlimited visibility. The lake is a popular summer destination and offers a variety of adventure activities including boating, fishing, and hiking. A small resort is located on the west shore for boat rentals and sit down food service. Lunch is not a bad price and you definitely get a good meal. The resort is closed in winter, so the cold season dives are all about scuba. If you visit for a summer dive then plan to enjoy the entire day with some underwater adventure, hiking, and some great sandwiches.

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