Diving is all about the gear. If you want to explore the underwater world, you have to put something on...in warm water you might slip on a mask, a snorkel, fins, and maybe a thin shortie. If you want to dive the incredible cold water of the Pacific Northwest, you have to put more stuff on...a drysuit for us, perhaps a spare air or secondary emergency regulator, a goodie bag, and of course a pole spear. If you want to dive deep, dive caves, dive for hours on end, you have even more stuff to hang off your first layer of stuff...multiple tanks, dive computer, redundant dive computer, redundant regulator, maybe throw a rebreather into the mix. Yes, lot's and lot's of gear. There are many manufacturers, different features and benefits, and a spectrum of color to choose from. Our journey to accumulate dive stuff begins when we decide to learn scuba diving...we take a class, want to get underwater, and begin our own personal crusade of collecting the needed equipment. We trust our dive instructor, and our dive shop, for guidance in a brand new world. In the end, we hopefully lay out our hard earned cash on gear that ends up being just right. This was my experience when I began my collection of equipment. My first purchase was the obligatory mask and snorkel...we had to buy those to take the class. We may have been required to buy fins also, I just don't remember, my Open Water 1 class was way back in 1990. My next purchase was regulator and bouyancy compensator, and the shopping just continued. The gear I list below is the gear I love. I may talk about my various items as "the best", but similar items can be totally awesome, much if it comes down to personal preference...the style and comfort that works best for YOU. However...my system really does rock.

Sherwood Oasis

US Divers Calypso BC

Snake Knife
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