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Welcome to the Accessory Lounge. Our list of fun, and very important, items that must be part of any good dive inventory.


TheOrca - Made by Cressi. This truly is the ultimate dive knife. I zip tied the sheath to the shoulder strap of my B.C. and wore this blade on evey dive for many years. This knife, like many others, completely disassembles so every metal piece can be cleaned and oiled. The blade has a full, and heavy, tang that extends all the way through the rubber handle. Just take a large straight edge screwdriver and remove the giant retention nut on the end of the handle. The knife then slides apart with no other effort. I always wanted a big dive knife, and this one is really big. No fear when it comes to the possibility of being ensnared in the wily tendrils of fishing line. This blade will probably cut through anything that crosses your path underwater. I was so excited when I invested in this about 10 years ago, and I have never regretted adding this tool to inventory. The ultimate dive knife AND survival knife.


The Borg - Made by Cressi. This is my current blade...strapped to the inside of my left leg on every dive. This knife is comparable to other notable brands such as Underwater Kinetics and Tusa. I like the drop point, serrated edge, and line cutter. It also comes apart for a complete clean and oil. I picked up this knife for two reasons... 1) I love the Orca, so I bought another Cressi, and 2) the hard plastic sheath with push button release. All my other knives prior to the Borg were held in the sheath with a rubber ring placed over the handle. Very old school, but very effective. I finally got tired of pulling off, and pulling back on, that really tight ring...especially when bending over in full gear to reach my calf. The Borg does have an unpolished tang, which makes it a little more prone to rust. Make sure you take it apart, wash off the salt water, and spray on a little WD-40 after it dries. Two years of diving with my Borg, and counting, and not a spot of rust to be found. A little TLC is all it takes.


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