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Welcome to Scuba NorthWest! We appreciate your visit and interest in some of the best diving around. We are Northwest divers, we like cold water, we like wind, we like swell, we like surge, we like to explore the underwater world, and we surely like to eat seafood. We are not a dive shop, a charter service, or instructors...we leave that work up to the professionals in those fields. We simply dive and bring .our adventures to you.  So thanks for coming .along.  Hopefully we can take you away for a brief .time to an underwater world of
wonder, and give you a smile along the way.
The Storms Just Keep Coming

Well, my friends...the storms have been non-stop since October. Rain does not fall ALL the time during the Oregon winter...but when the clouds have parted, and the warm sun colors the sky blue, our efforts to explore the Big Blue have remained elusive. The coast has been windy...the offshore swells pretty big. Worry not! I expect our first dive opportunity in March...maybe April. The incredible clarity of late winter diving is just around the corner. I get so excited this time of year...the clear water will be incredible. We might get really lucky and jump into 50 feet of visibility. The freezer has been empty for months crab, no seabass, no lingcod...sigh. The boat is waxed, engine serviced, and pole spear sharpened. I feel like a kid counting down the days to Christmas.
An entire summer of fresh seafood is just around the corner. I can almost hear the fresh rock scallops simmering in my trusted iron skillet. In the meantime, I put together a little slideshow from our many adventures, and will continue to add photos until our next dive story. I also linked to a cool little soundtrack. So...sit back, relax, and let your mind drift to the serenity of the underwater world. Enjoy.

Our Gear

The spear. If you love seafood...just like we need the gear to bring back the meal. Nothing better than ocean fresh. No fishy flavor here, just a clean taste with a hint of the sea, and a delicate texture you will never find with a frozen fillet. We love to sightsee when we dive. We love to capture the underwater world with pictures and movies. But..oh my...we really love to
eat seafood.

Read more about it over here....

Remember...The Only Adventure is a Scuba NorthWest Adventure!

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