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Welcome to Scuba NorthWest! We appreciate your visit and interest in some of the best diving around. We are Northwest divers, we like cold water, we like wind, we like swell, we like surge, we like to explore the underwater world, and we surely like to eat seafood. We are not a dive shop, a charter service, or instructors...we leave that work up to the professionals in those fields. We simply dive and bring .our adventures to you.  So thanks for coming .along.  Hopefully we can take you away for a brief .time to an underwater world of
wonder, and give you a smile along the way.
When Diving Shuts Down...Forage for Mushrooms!

Fall has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, and with it comes non-stop rain for the next 6 months. October heralds the month of crab season. We have been trying to find a somewhat dry day with decent visibility for a crab run to the coastal town of Florence. Catching crab is awesome. Eating crab is even better. But capturing the entire process on video for you to see is our dream. October has been an unusually wet month, accompanied by plenty of storms along the coast. I made the trek to Florence a couple of times in October, with GoPro in hand, on a gamble the conditions would be nice. Nope...not happening. Definitely diveable, but a tad murky. We still have the rest of November and December for good crab, so I'm holding out hope for a magic parting of the clouds, and a clearing of the bay water. During these wet months of Fall, we are also avid fans of another outdoor hobby...mushroom hunting. Oregon's coastal rainforest is home to a variety of edible mushrooms...and even a few that can kill you. Fortunately the tasty types are easy to identify with a little practice. We are also lucky enough to be blessed with one of the most yummy wild mushrooms that can be collected during a day in the woods...the wonderful, and much adored, Chanterelle. I debated over whether I should post a mushroom story, actually a short mushroom movie, considering we are so obsessive about bringing you good dive stories. All the gracious visitors to my site stop by for the next dive adventure we can bring your way. But I thought "What the heck...mushroom hunting is a great adventure....and a lot of fun." I know it's somewhat of a sharp detour from the underwater world to walking the forest floor, but hopefully it offers a fun glimpse of the many adventures to be found in Oregon. There is no better place to hunt mushrooms, especially Chanterelles, than the beautiful, and captivating, rainforest of Oregon's coastal mountains. The shrooms prefer growing in older Douglas Fir forests, so foraging provides a great hike through some beautiful country. Also...mixing freshly cooked Chanterelles and freshly cooked crab is a mind blowing experience of sultry flavor you will never forget. I did not develop a story page, but here is the quick little video showing you what it's all about ...enjoy.

Our Gear

The spear. If you love seafood...just like we need the gear to bring back the meal. Nothing better than ocean fresh. No fishy flavor here, just a clean taste with a hint of the sea, and a delicate texture you will never find with a frozen fillet. We love to sightsee when we dive. We love to capture the underwater world with pictures and movies. But..oh my...we really love to
eat seafood.

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